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Creating spaces for nature and humans to enjoy

A recent project I have been involved in has been with Haith's Seeds, a really special family company who have a genuine heart for not only building a great business, but a place for the natural world too. Tasked with planning and implementing the planting of an area around their new production site on the Fairfield industrial estate in Louth, Lincolnshire the aim was to both provide habitat for insects and birds whilst also giving staff and visitors to the site a green space that they can enjoy and in turn supports their health and wellbeing.

A combination of trees, woody shrubs and perennials were chosen for colour, shape and texture, which also provide for the needs of bees, butterflies and birds. By including a range of plants not typically asscociated with a site within an industrial location it is hoped that the more unusual palate of plants used will create more diversity within the area.

As the areas of freshwater and planting establishes, the hope is it will start to become an oasis within the locality and an inspiration for others to think outside of the box on this type of site.

I am now looking forward to joining Haith's for their Naturespace Open Day on Wednesday, 7th August where I will be on site to chat with visitors about the project.

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