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Horticultural Consultancy

Whether you are a commercial client, estate owner, or need help as a private garden owner, Martin's affable style and knowledge will make developing, maintaining and managing your green space an enjoyable experience. 

The consultancy process begins with a free 'no obligation' discussion with Martin where he will consider carefully your needs and requirements.  If following this conversation, you are interested in proceeding with a full consultation, the following options are available.

  • a visit by Martin to your garden lasting approximately two hours giving verbal advice and support.

  • a visit by Martin to your garden lasting up to four hours, with the addition of a written report outlining the points covered and giving advice on plants discussed and implementation of any necessary actions; or

  • the option of planning regular seasonal visits to review and advise on the future maintenance and development of your garden. 


A consultation with a client may include areas such as:

  • selecting suitable plants for a particular space

  • advice on ground preparation and planting techniques

  • basic tree and plant health checks

  • advising on common plant pest/disease and disorders and their treatments

  • tree planting and maintenance

  • instruction in traditional horticultural techniques

  • maintenance timelines

  • guidance on ensuring your garden is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • establishing and managing wildflower areas

  • dealing with pernicious weeds

  • advice on establishing and managing a truffle orchard

  • growing your own fruit and vegetables

  • selecting suitable equipment and machinery for maintaining your outdoor spaces

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