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Martin has held a passionate interest in landscapes, gardens, plants, and trees ever since childhood, which inevitably led him towards a career in Horticulture. Following his school motto of Aim High, he applied for a position in the Royal Gardens at Sandringham, where he served a three-year apprenticeship, working in the extensive glasshouse complex assisting with the propagation and cultivation of plants and flowers for Sandringham House and for sale at the visitor centre. As part of his training, he joined the team of twelve gardeners maintaining and developing the prestigious sixty-acre Edwardian Pleasure Gardens, privately owned by Her Majesty the Queen and enjoyed by generations of the British Royal Family along with thousands of visitors from around the world each year.


Following a traditional traineeship which enabled him to build a wide range of skills as well as a good knowledge of horticulture, he built on this by studying with the RHS, gaining the Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Certificate in Horticulture.


In 1997 Martin was offered and proudly accepted the position of Head Gardener at Sandringham, a position he held until April 2022. During his time as Head Gardener, Martin has been responsible for the maintenance and development of almost one hundred acres of garden and parkland including a seventeen-acre Walled Garden, large glasshouse complex, three royal residences and a whole host of associated tasks unique to a large private estate.


Martin has received numerous awards related to his role, the most notable being presented with The Royal Victoria Medal by Her Majesty the Queen who later made him a Member of the Victorian Order, an honour reserved exclusively for those who have personally served the Royal Family. 


After a six-month sabbatical travelling Europe and covering around ten thousand miles exploring the Gardens and Parks of eight different countries, Martin has returned to Sandringham where he now works part time as a Project Manager. 


After over 40 years working in the horticultural industry Martin has gained extensive knowledge of the practical requirements for a garden to be successful and more importantly, sustainable.  The identification and selection of suitable plants for the situation along with the long-term maintenance and management have been a key part of his role and something he is passionate about.


Martin has a wealth of experience and keen interest in the management of unusual trees, having overseen a large collection within the Royal Gardens.  Many of these have historical significance and were planted by past and present members of the Royal Family,  More recently he oversaw the planting of a large magnolia glade in the gardens and established a new arboretum. at Sandringham Visitor Centre.


Inspired by King Charles III and his passion for protecting our planet, Martin has strived to introduce sustainable methods of maintenance to the garden based on organic principles wherever practical. 

In 2022, Martin launched his own freelance consultancy service, offering help and advice to customers throughout the UK.

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